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Boost your brand


Welcome to my portfolio!

I’m Gino, a 25 year old graphic designer from Utrecht, with a passion for branding and illustrating. Which happens to be my freelance work since 2019. Lucky me!

Although I like this very much, I would also love to work with like-minded people and learn more about design. So I’m interested in becoming an in-house colleague as well!

Shaping your strength

A nova is a sudden brightening of an otherwise unnoticeable star. 

Because consumers receive more and more information from companies, it will become more and more difficult for you to stand out. I would like to help you find your company’s core strenght and amplify this visualy to your target group. Let’s show off your companies core strenght, like a nova does to a star.


House of Karts - Branding

House of Karts brings real-life karting and playfulness together with their power-up-kart-game extravaganza.

For my graduation project, I designed their (visual) brand identity and mascot. Feel free to see my process!


Dynaf & D-POINT - Graphic Design

Dynaf is striving to provide the best possible energy solutions in the Caribbean to the most isolated locations.

It was great to do my internship abroad in Curaçao in 2019 and I’m happy to say that I’m still working for this great company today. Check out some of my best work I’ve done for Dynaf!

“Creanova- The BEST partner for Brand Awareness. Always punctual, personal and prepared with a good solution…”

Kris Bouwstra
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Dynaf

Gino van Baak has developed our branding for our new leisure concept House of Karts. He has approached this process with great care and professionalism…”

Joëlle van der Pol
Creative Entrepreneur, House of Karts